In this age of Technology, the experts have argued that technological advances have separated people and made them more distant from each other than ever before. The response I have to that is NOT TRUE. I believe it has brought people together like never before, because now not only do you get to communicate with the people in your circle (coworkers, family members, friends, etc…) but also with people from all over the world who have similar interests, but in live in other places. Continue reading ‘Logos Global Bible Reader Review’


This rule actually transcends the realm of technology.  It is one of the most powerful rules ever pointed out to me, and it can save you a lot of headaches as long as you keep it in mind.  Learning to use a new piece of software or hardware takes time.  Many people I know approach new technology as if it is an electronic dog that will bite them if they press the wrong button.  This attitude discourages experimentation and turns opportunity to fear.

I suggest a different analogy:  treat new technology as a garden that can grow many things.  It all depends on what you plant.  Sometimes slugs eat your vegetables, while other times you reap a good harvest.  But each time you plant anew, you get a little better at clearing the field and the return on your sweat increases.

So it is with learning something new: it can be daunting and even less efficient than the methods you are used to at first, but allow yourself to fail and learn and grow.  I promise that you will see returns on your investment.

All Things Grow


Did you know that you can create and share Microsoft Word compatible documents without owning a copy of Microsoft Office? Or that you can put your churches Calendar online and share it with your entire congregation for free? You can also edit video, pictures, create and print books of all varieties, keep track of ongoing church issues, plan mission trips and much more as long as you have a fairly recent computer and a steady connection to the internet.

We plan to share simple and effective ways to help your church to replace the burden of technology with the freedom of tools you can use. Technology shouldn’t hurt.